Monday, 26 September 2011

Huge e.l.f Cosmetics Haul

Hey guys!
It's been a while since I last did a blog post! I can't believe I haven't found the time! 
As most of you know, this summer people in the UK got their exam results, so when I got mine, my parents decided to give me some money as a reward for all my hard work and have a guess what I spent my money on.. MAKE-UP (of course, what else would you expect?!)

Now, before you think I went literally crazy buying make-up, I didn't just buy make-up, but those things will be in another haul for you and I think a few things will be featured in my outfit of the day i'm posting after this, I know two posts in one day..IT'S MADNESS! 

e.l.f was having a lovely 50% off sale when I decided to buy all my make-up, so this meant I got double what I would have got! 


I decided that I wanted to try out a few of their brushes, as I've tired the powder brush, which I LOVE for stippling on my foundation, as it's really dense and blends everything so well! 
I purchased:
-The Blush Brush
-The Angled Eyeliner Brush
-The Studio Stipple Brush
-The Eyelash and Eyebrow Wand
-The Nail Block
-The e.l.f Daily Brush Cleaner
I'm really impressed by all of these things, especially the studio stipple brush, as I didn't have high hopes for it, because it didn't cost a lot, but now I use it everyday for blushes that are very pigmented or bright. If you're looking for a brush to stipple foundation, this isn't the one for you, as it isn't, by far dense enough!
The blush brush isn't that big, it only just covers my cheeks, so I use it as a brush to apply my highlighter instead, as it's the perfect size and shape to fit on your cheekbone!
The angled eyeliner brush, isn't amazing, but for £3.50 it's great, especially for beginners! It doesn't seem to pick up a whole lot of colour, so my black gel eyeliner tends to look like a grey colour, and if I want it to look black, I have to go over my lines again!

I've heard a lot of good things about e.l.f's blushes and I don't personally own a lot, I have one MAC blush, but I don't have the money to spend £16 on one all the time, so I decided I wasn't going to miss out on much if I tried out some of the blushes from e.l.f, because they only cost £3.50.. A LOT cheaper than MAC. I was pleasantly surprised by all of these blushes, the pigmentation was just WOW and they applied very nicely, they weren't too chalky and they all have a very nice finish to them! (Some are matte and some are shimmery).

Recently I've really been getting into doing my lips different colours and actually wearing lipstick, so I thought while e.l.f is having a sale, I might as well give some of their lipsticks and glosses ago! Just a warning, the lipsticks look completely different when you go into their website, than in real person, but apart from that I really like all the colours I have got! I couldn't believe how pigmented the lipsticks were and they aren't really drying on your lips either! What more could you want for £3.00?! On the other hand, some of the lip glosses were 'sticky', but the colours are still fabulous, so I don't really mind the 'stickiness'!

I didn't end up getting a lot of eye products, as most of the shadows and pigments I would have wanted were out of stock, but I got a few things, that I thought would be good to test out and review them later on for you guys! 

-Cream Eyeshadow (Dawn)
-Gel Eyeliner (Midnight)
-Mineral Eyeliner (Black)
-Waterproof Eyeliner (Plum)

As you can tell from the picture, most of the product are really nicely pigmented and they all go on smoothly, but the plum liner looks more black than plum, even if I hold it in the light, I may have gotten a bad liner, but from what I can tell it's not really worth getting, as it just looks black, maybe a dark purple eyeshadow over the top might make it work better..who knows!

So, last but not least the nail polishes!

I only decided to get 4 as I haven't tried their nail polishes before, but every single one I got is amazing and I love all of the colours, they all look really nice for the fall!
-Medium Red
-Smokey Brown
-Glitter Glam

If you have actually managed to get all the way through this post, I congratulate you, as I know this was a super duper long post, but there's nothing better than a nice big post as a comeback aye! I've really missed doing all this blogging and I'll be doing it as often as I can now, which will maybe be every other night, and probably an outfit of the day, for most days! I hope you all enjoyed this post, even though it was long!
Much love,
Beth xo

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